A history of reciprocal meetings between dream and reality

Everything began during 2007, in Nyon, Switcherland. Jean-Marie Rochfort desired to give the respected historical building, Hotel Beau Rivage, an artistic dimension. With the building under renovation, Rochfort intends to create a Hotel of Art. Two years ago he contacted Stephane Capus, upon discovering that he was working at the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and asked him to decorate the hotel. The current flows, the artist has carte blanche.

In 1797 the poet, philosopher, and scientist Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe spent a night inside of this hotel. With this knowledge the artist, Stéphane Capus, has the idea to decorate the hotel using his imagination of what Goethe possibly dreamed of that night. During this time Goethe, already a poet and philosopher, became a man of science. He concentrated on botany, as he envisioned the idea of Mother Earth, the intangible essence of life; the common root of art and science. However, Goethe’s vision, while lacking the knowledge of what it could have been?

An artistic Approach for the Platonic Philosophical Framework

To achieve his dream of Goethe, Stéphane Capus takes in account the philosophers Kant, Plato, and Spinoza; unraveling the framework of their platonic philosophy. This understanding lead him to believe in the ideas and memories of Jaques Monod, as well as the strong anthropic principle which divides the astrophysicists.

Chimie de la Peinture

Chimie de la Peinture

With the unique pictorial approach, the artist teaches us what reality becomes when surreal beauty is added to our inner world in four dimensions. This offers us the opportunity to understand the connection between the world of appearances and the world of ideas.

A Dream Becomes Reality

150 paintings of varying sizes are located inside the establishment contributing to the comfort of a traveler. In these pieces of art, the artist renders the four elements of water, earth, air, and fire. Utilizing abstract and semi-abstract art forms, along with the contrary semi- figurative to figurative art forms, the artist creates a visual explanation, without perplexing the concept.


Collections are made up of paints from Urban Marking

Duplex paintings are structured around a race car

Designed to be placed outside: gardens, terraces, parks

The collection exhibited in Munich in 2012.

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