Stéphane Capus

The artist

Stephane Capus is an artist with whom the world of art and science are inextricably linked. His paintings tell us a story, similar to a book, however his paintings create a decor appreciated in ones professional and personal life. " By preserving a specific gravity, I am able to ensure a complete picture, a revealing a painting worthy of the name."

Since his exposure in 1997, Stephane Capus has continued to astonish us with his originality and progressive ideas which are expressed through his paintings and decor.

Career of the artist

1987- He designs the decor for restaurants in St Germain en Lay. During this time he also illustrates specific designs for articles featured in a business magazine for professional real estate.

1998- He creates 400 small pictures in Paris for the establishment Wait and See. The event is organized by Les histories à Toto. This event was called Du cul selon Ducon. Pictures laid out the story of a foolish man coming to grips with the social understanding of three organs; the heart, the sex, and the brain.

1999- "Voyage au pas de ma Porte", or "Journey to my Doorstep", is the title Capus gives to a collection that reflects everything one can see from the doorstep of the exhibitions venue, All of his artwork was sold.

2000- He settles into the life of a creator, and with the collaboration of Jean Martinez, a post-office employee, the story "Tour of a postman" emerges in the form of Stephane Capus' paintings. Jean Martinez, an employee of Holy Conflans Saint Honorine, had recorded poems which over time outlined the story soon become a collection. The tale of a mailman’s life of encountering different people and situations during his job.

at the same time, he watermarks in wood the collection for the Post Office Museum. These works would later take shape of stamps varying in

size from 10-15 cms, which are presented at the Philatelists Show.

2001- Capus opens up a workshop in Sainte-Germain en Laye. With his new place and continuously fresh graphics, he is entrusted with a project requiring him to decorate the siege of the AGF. During this time he understands the "History of the Earth", the origins to our modern day. Since the Archean to the Cenozoic. These paintings became the centerpieces for the first decoration of the hotel Le Rive, in Nyon, Switzerland.

2002-2005- Stephane Capus dedicates his energy and time in pursuit of the creation ‘La Nausée des Anges’. Beginning this series over ten years prior, yet never abandoning the completion. This is a series of graphic artwork which unites 6000 pictures in sequence. Paintings consist of representations which relate to individual psychology, phytosociology, psycho-ethnology, and psycho-spirituality. From these results, Capus draws the geographical layout of our psyche, until no representation is possible, leaving us completely exposed. An in depth interpretation of humanity and our artificially constructed character.

2006- ‘Chaos and Harmony’, according to Thrin Xuan Thuan, exhibited in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. As his success has shown, all of the new works of art presented are sold.

2007-2009- He begins by accomplishing the decoration artwork on a wall for the Germany chocolate store ‘Mathey’. The art tells us a story of ‘The history of Quetzalcoatl, the snake with feather’, one drunk of chocolate. In 2007, he is entrusted in the full decoration of the monumental building, The hotel Beau Rivage, located in Nyon, Switzerland. Requiring the artist to surpass himself, an 18 month timespan is what he dedicates in order to restore the dream that Goethe may have had when he slept there in 1979. During this time the poet became a man of science, searching for the meaning of Mother Earth. The collection “The dream of Goethe” is a work utilizing the imagination of Goethes perspective, the pictures present the specific thoughts he had had concluded about Nature. 150 pictures of various sizes fill the hotel in all rooms. Paintings created using the opposite styles of abstract from semi-abstract, to the semi-representational artist onto the representational artist.

2010- The stubborn and challenging “La nausée des Anges”, is completed, representing the culmination of a job 20 years in creation.

2011-As well as establishing a larger workshop in Gambais, Capus displays "Golem" in the gallery of the facteur Cheval, in Versailles. Many pieces of art are sold.

Since 2012- He follows the traces of the German philosopher Goethe, while refining his technique of pictorial approach. Thus, finishing the ‘Dream of Goethe’.

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